I’ve seen a few posts lately of people getting excited that gingerbread lattes are back at Costa… you poor unfortunate souls. Have you been waiting patiently all year for the festive period just so you can have one again?

Costa do gingerbread lattes all year round. I was drinking them in summer! A lot of people don’t realise this because it’s written really tiny next to speciality lattes, but I promise it’s there! You also notice it a lot more as Christmas gets closer because they put up all the posters advertising it with the cream, gold starts and mini gingerbread man – who, by the way, will sink and dissolve almost immediately!

However, I understand that gingerbread lattes are addictive (you can keep your pumpkin spiced lattes) and they can turn into a rather expensive addiction… especially if you crave them on a daily basis like I do. I would never had known this if it wasn’t for a member of staff in my local who noticed me coming in on a daily basis… THEY SELL THE SYRUP IN TESCO.

At first I was a little disgusted because it’s £3 for 250ml, but if you think about it you’d be paying £3 for just one if you went into the shop! And they’re super easy to make at home – I use the Nescafe skinny latte sachets and then add the syrup at the end, or you could use their method:

15 ml Monin Gingerbread syrup
40 ml coffee
150 ml milk
Pour Monin syrup into cup:
Steam/warm milk, pour over.
Add your coffee, stir.

And if you like the festive edition with the mini gingerbread man – you can buy a whole tub of those in Tesco as well! Or you can buy the larger ones that you can decorate yourself like I do.
If you really can’t be bothered with all of that, you could try these! Obviously they’re not as good as the real thing, but they’re not bad (or as expensive)!



  1. imogenmcp says:

    YESYESYES! I’d been gone from blogging for the month and forgot that I love and agree with all your posts haha!
    I bought this monin syrup from tesco the other day and starbucks christmas blend coffee (for £2.50!! Insane) and now I have a gingerbread latte every morning and am loving life. ❤

  2. Karen Rees says:

    Oooooh these sound yum!! Was in Costa’s today but I’m so used to asking for a Cafe Caramella I never bother to look at the menu *rolls eyes* Good excuse to go back right? 😀 Karen x

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