I swear every year there’s a huge debate about Christmas. When is it okay to play Christmas music? When is it okay to start selling Christmas stuff? When is it okay to put decorations up? It’s never ending.

I’ll admit that Christmas music can be slightly frustrating if the festive season is the furthest thing from your mind. I once worked in a shop that put Christmas music on the day after Halloween. Yup. Imagine having every single customer that comes through the door moaning about it for two months.

And as for decorations? Some people wait until December 1st, some people wait until 12 days before the big event. Now I don’t work in a public place that has been shoving everything Christmas related down my throat, I really don’t care much. And not just about the decorations – about the whole thing. *cue audible gasps from all around*

With that in mind, I have still been buying a few Christmas presents for my family (they’ve all got an orange and a bit of coal) and I’ve even tried to jolly myself up by putting some fairy lights in my bedroom!


I’ve had the silver beads up since last Christmas (they’re cute okay!), and I do actually have fairy lights wrapped around my headboard… so lights don’t make me think ‘BE FESTIVE’ as much as they used to. They still look nice though! And they were only £2.50 from Tesco, so I didn’t break the bank.

I’ll keep trying! I spend a lot of time in my car for work, so I might get some tinsel and decorate the inside! That’s not illegal… is it?

When do you put your decorations up? What’s the earliest you’ve ever known anyone to put them up?



  1. sweetsomethings13 says:

    Love this post! I will be putting up my lights and tree today, while listening to some cherry Xmas toons and maybe a cheeky hot choc… I know some people put their decorations up in November… Eeek wishing the year away haha

      • Karen Rees says:

        I love the fact she’s traditional, unfortunately a 9 year old nagging in my ear tends to sway the decision to putting them up early – just for peace of course lol Popped a few pics onto Instagram but must put them on here too like you say – make the place look a bit more Christmassy! 😀 haha X

  2. Strange Made Me says:

    There’s a woman on our street that has two giant candy canes (they’re like pillars outside her front door) and she also has lights in her hall window… she’s had them up since last Christmas. I don’t know if that counts? Haha!

    I like decorating for Halloween and Christmas, purely because it’s change. I get bored of the way I’ve set things out, decorated etc. So I quite like tinseling everything up! Although I will agree, having fairy lights all year round kind of takes the festivity out of them.

    Also, HELLO AGAIN CACTUS! He looks waaaay too summery to be in the festive spirit 😛

    • BambiLeigh says:

      Since last year?! Bloody hell!
      I get bored of stuff pretty quick too – it’s just a pain taking it all down. And I might have to get little Kevin the cactus a mini Christmas hat haha!

      • Strange Made Me says:

        Yeah, I think they’re really lazy! There was also a metal chicken/rooster that had a christmas hat on, but around easter, someone stole his hat and he was left nake on the lawn. He’s never really gotten over it…

        Yay! Kevin will look faaabulous daaarling! Hahaha x

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