Ooooh how I love a good ol’ lipstick post! I’ve really been enjoying reading these kinds of posts lately – it’s interesting to see how swatches look on other skin tones!

I haven’t been playing the lipstick game for that long, I used to hate the stuff! But I think that’s because I smoked… I know that sounds like a bizarre reason, but I’d end up either smudging it or getting it all over my fingers!
I’ve been on the hunt for a nice deep red, but I haven’t found one yet. I’ve seen a few but they’re not right for me. The first and third shown in the picture below are the closest I’ve come to my dream shade so far.


As you can see, the first shade is from the Kate Moss collection for Rimmel in the shade 30. I really like this shade and it’s super pigmented which I like. It’s quite a nice dark berry tone when it’s on your face and it’s not drying which is great! This is my first KM purchase and I’m not disappointed! I’d definitely buy one in the future for the quality, but I’m a cheap skate and don’t like the price!
The packaging is a nice sleek black tube but I couldn’t get the security sticker off properly so it’s got a great big sticky mark on it!

The second is Maybelline’s Colour Sensational (that’s right people, colour with a U) in the shade 547 Pleasure Me Red – bit of an odd name if you ask me… which you didn’t. This lipstick is suuuuper bright on me, even more so paired with the lipliner I picked up in the same shade.
The formula is quite creamy and it lasts quite a long time, as long as you use a lipliner. I’m pretty sure it has a blue undertone as well! I really like the packaging too – it’s the only square tube I have! And I have one of those lipstick stands so it fits really nicely in there!

The next is Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Lustful. I found this (along with one other shade) in a pound shop and picked them up to give them a go (I’ve never seen this brand in the UK) and I wasn’t disappointed! Granted, the staying power is awful – you have to reapply every couple of hours, but the colours lovely! As you can see in the swatches below it’s quite similar to the Kate Moss one, just a little darker.
The packaging though… absolutely terrible! If you’re not careful you could easily ruin the whole tube by either cutting most of it off or smearing it all over the lid!

Last is my beloved Mocha Madness by Avon. In all honesty, I should probably throw this out. I’ve had it for a couple of years and never wear it… I just love the colour! It’s nice a creamy too which I like. I must repurchase! I hope they still do this shade…


Have you tried any of these colours? What’s your favoruite shade for this time of year?




  1. Karen Rees says:

    Great post lovely, super lippies! I must say I’m a berry girl – bought a cute one from Avon (must look up the name) but it’s lovely! Also a fan of clear gloss recently… seems a bit boring but there’s just something about it that works for me 😀 Karen x

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