If you don’t have a christmas tree already – why the hell not?! Get yourself online and order your tree Scrooge! There is literally no excuse. Unless you don’t celebrate Christmas… and if that’s the case I don’t know why you’ve clicked your way over here…

There are so many trees available these days it’s pretty much impossible not to find one you like. You could be the pickiest person alive and you’d still find a tree. And it doesn’t have to cost a bomb! Sure, we’d all like one like this…


But we don’t all have that kind of budget, and I’m sure the majority of us don’t have the ceiling height either. 15ft! Forget the tree give me the house!
I’m not in need of a tree this year, but I was doing a bit of research to see how much one might cost when it comes to me having to buy my own and I thought I’d share with you guys!

arhIf you’re really struggling or are just looking for a throw away tree (you may not have storage space) you can’t really go wrong with this one. Sure, it might look a little sparse in the picture, but what do you expect for £7! When you’ve got the lights and baubles and stuff on there you won’t even be able to tell! Find it here.


dfThis is the first one I clicked on, and I’d probably have bought it straight away if needs be! What more could you want from a tree? Easy assembly (ahem), 6ft (no need to stand on a table) and cheap! If you have a really really tight budget at the moment and this is at the top end of it, you can just get your little butts down the the local pound shop and get tinsel, baubles etc all for under £5! And I know for a fact Tesco are doing fairy lights that start at £2.50 for 50!
I’d like to point out at this point that I am not being paid for this post. Neither am I receiving free products. Just being helpful! You can find this bad boy here.


drfghjkIf you’ve got a little extra set aside for a tree, this ones beautifulllll! I really like the colour of this one – it’s not as dark as some of the others but it’s not a fake looking green either. And it’s 6ft 5! I think it’d just about fit in my house. I like that it’s slim too, I prefer the slimmer trees. Oh, and if you feel you need another reason – it’s on sale! Find it here.

Do you have a tree similar to any of these or are you on the hunt? Let me know!


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