HOLY CRAP IT’S COLD. Compared to America, I really have nothing to moan about – but it’s -1 here and I can’t feel my toes!

If there’s anyone reading this who also spends most of their day driving around for work but has never had to drive in the snow and ice – don’t worry, I’m nervous too. I’ve got a few little bits and bobs in my car but I don’t have a little snow shovel or anything like that, so I have complied myself a list of essentials that I really should try and get in my car ASAP!

1. Ice Scraper
Luckily for me I have one of these! It’s only small but it does the job – I’ve had to use it a few times already! You could use a CD case or something if you were desperate, but that’s probably pretty bad for your windscreen!

2. De-Icer
This I do not have. I always think de-icer is a bit of a waste of money because it goes so quickly. I’d rather just scrape the ice off, but if I’m running late this would come in handy! You could also use it to melt a pesky patch of ice on the road!

3. Blankets
I have a huge one in the boot! It could easily fit two people under it, so I’d be able to cocoon myself if needs be! I can pull the backseat down too so I don’t have to get out of the car to get to it. Those foil blankets that people wrap round you in accidents and stuff may also be good!
As well as a blanket it’s also a good idea to have a pair of thick gloves, a hat and maybe even a pair of thick socks – you never know what might happen! I also have a couple of instant hand warmers which I’m sure I’ll be using soon!

4. Cat Litter
I don’t have cat litter, but I do have a bag of gravel/sand in the boot. I have to drive down quite a lot of side roads and country lanes so this may come in really handy if I get myself stuck! There’s also a lot of ditches…

5. Snow Shovel
I think it’s quite important that I get one of these. As I just said, some places I drive are quite out of the way and I can go a whole journey without seeing another car. I might have to dig myself out!

6. Torch/Flashlight
My boss gave me one of these last month! It’s quite a good one – if you press the button once the torch comes on, but then if you press it again the handle lights up blue and then if you press it once more the handle flashes! So that would be great if I needed to get myself seen. I’m not sure what the battery is like though, so I’m going to have to get a spare!

7. Emergency Kit
You can buy ready made winter kits from places like the AA and Halfords, but you could just make your own! I don’t have one of these, but from the looks of them they have things like torches, bandages, plasters, shoe grippers etc in them.
You can also buy little pop up hazard triangles which I thinks a great idea, especially if you have a white/silver car and you’ve broken down in a blizzard!

There’s loads more ideas on the BBC website, which you can find here. They also have hints and tips on driving in bad weather! (This is not sponsered)

What do you refuse to leave home without in the winter?



  1. Strange Made Me says:

    It’s scary to think that if we have a winter like 2010 again, I could get stranded in the snow for a few hours! I drive down country lanes a lot for work too. I haven’t really driven in heavy snow, just the light sprinkling and mild ice when I learnt to drive. This year I am terrified, I’m supposed to leave for Mansfield in 5 hours, and there are snow clouds. I’m hoping it holds off! 😦

    Hubby got me an extra long snow scraper from Halfords a couple of days ago, because I’d gotten up for work and had to wait nearly 30 mins for the car to warm up! I’m so short I couldn’t reach far enough on the wind screen with the little scrapper to get rid of the ice! Although initially that didn’t bother me as I knew the car would clear itself, it was the fact the handbreak had frozen on and I couldn’t get it off!!! We also have beans, crackers, bottled water, de-icer, blankets and two torches, the plastic box is a great idea!

    I’m worried because I am a first responder, which is great because the back of my car has a shit ton of medical supplies… but for most journeys I have oxygen and entonox cylinders in there… so if I crash they could explode. 😐

  2. Karen Rees says:

    Great post – and I’m feeling your cold too, currently layered up like an onion!!! Gotta get me a car kit sorted… just in case, wouild be just my luck if I didn’t this year after reading this πŸ˜€ X

  3. Nadine says:

    Oh my! That’s quite the kit you have there. It’s so strange to me thinking of snow shovels, blankets, etc. since it doesn’t snow here in winter. This is a lovely post! πŸ™‚

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