Anyone else just want to smother themselves in everything christmassy? I’m not the greatest when it comes to painting my nails. I used to get my nails done with gel which never chipped so I never had to paint them myself, now it seems I’ve lost the knack!

I tried my best anyhow! I was in Superdrug yesterday and came across the most festive nail paint you’ve ever seen. It’s by BarryM and it’s called Christmas Tree! They’re doing an offer where you can get it for free if you spend Β£6 on BarryM cosmetics but I only wanted the polish.

The paint is actually clear and it’s got huge chunks of glitter and stars in it, so you could try building it up and going for the super sparkly look but I’d never worn chunky glitter before so I didn’t know if I’d like it! I ended up painting all my nails a bright red (351 Redder Than Red by Rimmel), but leaving my ring finger and painting that green (046 Shout Out Loud by Rimmel).

DSCN1492At this point I wasn’t sure just how chunky the BarryM one was so I used the silver glitter (831 Magic Stardust by Rimmel) on my green nails and the green glitter on the red ones, but I ended up going over the silver with the green!


There’s a few little chips and smudges where I’ve been working since I painted them but you can’t really notice.

Do you paint a special design on your nails for Christmas or use festive colours? What’s your favourite festive shade? Let me know!


12 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS NAILS

  1. Strange Made Me says:

    Aw! They’re so pretty and Christmassy! I think this is the only time of year when I find I can bring myself to use glitter polish, as I absolutely hate having to take it off. Fluffy cotton wool sets my teeth on edge haha. I love the little stars that are in there too πŸ˜€

  2. Maria B says:

    I’ve been obsessing with christmas nails on pinterest, but i can’t do all those lovely designs with my clumsy fingers πŸ˜€ this looks so festive, i love it and i’ll try it! Xx

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