I already have two duvet sets that I rotate, so I don’t really know why I bought another one…
That’s a lie, I do know – I went into Matalan to get a pair of leggings and ended up walking out with two pairs and new bedding… oops? I actually think I did really well. I could easily spend a fortune in Matalan, but my boyfriend was with me so we didn’t look round for too long. They’ve moved everything around in my local store so I can’t find anything anymore, the legging section has been replaced with mens ties! Anyway, back to the bedding…

It’s actually really rather lovely – it’s got a beautiful toile print all over it. It didn’t come with a bottom sheet, but I prefer that as I have a double bed and a king size quilt! I already have a white fitted sheet, so it’s not like I had to go out and buy anything extra – saying that I did go to Tesco and pick up a set of plain white pillowcases, but they were only Β£3!

UntitledIt’s really hard to photograph, so I’ve borrowed these photos from the Matalan website. It’s also reversible – it has stripes on the other side. I’ve got it set up like they do in the photo, but I’ve turned the pillows over so you can see the stripes. They also do this duvet set in cream and red, but the teal is much more subtle which I prefer. The only problem now is that my scatter cushions don’t match! But all in all, not bad for Β£22!

 Toile Print Reversible Bedding Set

What combination would you go for? Striped duvet and toile print pillows? Vice versa? Or would you have it all matching? Let me know!


11 thoughts on “NEW YEAR NEW BEDDING

  1. Janneke says:

    Eeeh… Well, I would lie if said this never happened to me πŸ˜› It’s really pretty, and I think a new set of bedding can change the appearance of your bedroom completely. Without paint or anything messy like that!

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