I’ve found it. The perfect hot chocolate! I was having a little wander round Tesco and found myself down the hot drinks aisle (as I often do) and that’s when I saw it. I can’t get enough of peanut butter and chocolate combinations (I can seriously eat Reese’s nut bars forever), so there was no way I was going to walk away without this!

DSCN1557It tastes so good! It has the perfect peanutty chocolatey balance, so it’s not too much of either flavour. It’s super quick and easy to make too – just boil the kettle, let the water cool slightly and mix! You need 4 teaspoons to make one cup… I’ve had four cups so far and now there’s only about a 1/3 left in the pot. This bugs me a bit. I paid £2.50 for it and I’m only going to get about 6-8 servings? Still, I guess it’s way cheaper than speciality hot chocolate in a coffee shop! And there’s only 83 calories per 20g!

DSCN1559Let me know if this is the kind of thing you’d go for – it’s definitely one for the sweet tooth!


5 thoughts on “PEANUT HOTTIE

  1. Strange Made Me says:

    You need to get out of my head girl! I almost picked this up on Wednesday when I was in Tesco, I was hoping it would be on par with Reece’s… I didn’t because I was really craving hot chocolate and only had £3 on me, I couldn’t take the chance of disappointment. I went with Whisper in the end. Going to grab some next time I’m in!

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