If you were lovely enough to read this post to the end, you’ll know that I was going to Westfields the following Friday – we didn’t go. Which is probably a good thing as I had a cold and was really not in a shopping mood! However, we did end up going to Chelmsford to have a little mooch around, and I though I’d share with you a few little bits that I picked up!

DSCN1565 One of the first few bits I bought came from Lush – I don’t have a Lush where I live, so I get very excited whenever I’m near one. The only problem was that I couldn’t smell anything! I ended up picking up the chocolatey face mask which I’ve had before and these weird ‘toothy tabs’. I’ve never even heard of these before but I though I’d give them a go – they were onlt Ā£2.50! Quite cheap for Lush I thought. They had a few different variations but I went with Sparkle. (FYI, it tastes disgusting.)

DSCN1568I went to Colchester a couple of days ago and went into their Lush store, and I think I picked up literally everything just to smell it… I’ve never been so happy to have my sense of smell back! There’s not really a lot that I can buy from Lush as we don’t have a bath and I’m not super keen on their shower/skin stuff (pricey!) so I just grabbed another face mask… oops?

DSCN1576I’m also very proud of myself. I was very restrained and walked away from the Benefit counter in Boots! I’d really like the Hoola bronzer and the Erase Paste, but dang – dey ‘spensive! Instead I just got the ol’ faithful Collection concealer, cotton pads and dry shampoo! Very restrained Kayla, well done. Oh, I also bought another tube of my holy grail mascara but I’m contemplating doing a review on that so I didn’t include it here.


We also spotted this cute little Me To You bear… couldn’t leave it behind could I! It’s a lovely little addition to my collection – which I will probably do a post on soon! The name of this figurine is ‘Fairest of Them All’ – obviously Snow White!

DSCN1561Do you have a collection of something? If so let me know what it is!


11 thoughts on “I BOUGHT THINGS

  1. Karen Rees says:

    Awwwh – what a cute figurine! I used to collect cute little lollies when I was a kid – you know the hand decorated type, but then my little sis found them and helped herself šŸ˜¦ Devastated lol x

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