I bought more things. I’d say I’m sorry… but I’m not.

I haven’t been in New Look for ages because I don’t like their summer stuff (I would like my butt cheeks covered, thank you) and I haven’t really liked ther autumn/winter pieces for a couple of years. I don’t know why, it’s just that nothing caught my eye. However, I was in desperate need of some new boots and accidentally came away with two pairs and some high-tops… and a vest… and a blazer… and a top to go under the blazer… and 3 necklaces. Okay, I’m sorry.

But in my defence one pair of boots was reduced to £11 and I bought them for work. I’ve had a look on NL’s site and I can’t find them so they must have sold out. I would take a picture to show you but… have you ever tried to take a decent picture of a pair of shoes that look better on with a camera that only has a 10 second timer?! Me either, but I didn’t want to try.

I completely fell in love with this pair. And the great thing is they are so comfortable and soft around the top and the heel they feel like they’ve been designed specifically for you! The picture below really doesn’t do them justice, they look 10 times better on. Oh, and reduced to £18.50 – thank you very much!


I didn’t go in looking for these – it’s like they found me… it was meant to be… Haha seriously though, they’re super comfortable and the fur around the top is greatly appreciated in this weather. You can fold them up so the fur is hidden against your leg or fold them down like in the picture below. They had a dark brown pair which I really liked but they didn’t have those in my size, and I need to bring some lighter colours into my wardrobe anyway! Almost everything I own is black!


I’m completely in love with this coat. It does come in a black check which I would have usually opted for but as I said, I’m trying to break up the black in my wardrobe. I picked this up the moment I saw it, it’s gorgeous! It looks a lot better in real life, and I feel it hangs better on me than it does on the model! It’s quite a strange coat if I’m honest, it’s too thin to be worn alone in this weather but it’s too thick to be comfortable under a coat… still, it’ll be great for when the weather gets a bit warmer – I can’t wait to wear it!


I’m not really one for changing necklaces regularly, but I really want to try and switch things up a bit this year. I’ve been wearing my Nan’s gold cross for months now but I think it might be time to take it off… maybe a couple more months. I do have quite a few cute necklaces, but none quite like this one. I like the way that they’re all different but sit nicely together. I thought it was a little pricey for £7.99, but then again I’m a cheap skate and I guess you do get three necklaces rather than one!

sdfghjklAs well as the bits above (how naughty am I!) I picked up a plain green vest in a lovely khaki shade, a cute little pair of black frilly socks, a plain black tshirt with a little breast pocket and the most beautiful blanket wrap! I can’t find a picture of it on the website and I’m afraid I’m far too lazy to actually take a photo so you’ll just have to trust me. It’s a black, white and red plaid with fringe and I just wear it round my shoulders in the house and then wrap it up as a huuuuuge scarf when I have to pop out on a work call! So snuggly.

I’ll never have to buy shoes again! Well, certainly not for a couple of years – my boots seem to last quite a long while. I’m looking forward to wearing those necklaces too – I haven’t worn one of the tattoo style chokers for years!


7 thoughts on “NEW LOOK HAUL

  1. beckinablog says:

    I just got a jacket/thin coat from New Look! It’s a pale pink duster coat that comes down quite long and I’m obsessed! Now I want yours too! :p I currently have a 20% discount code for NL since it was recently my birthday so maybe i’ll check some stuff out!

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