That’s right – I now own the really tall butler rabbit! Do you guys rememeber me talking about him? Find out about his cousin Alan here. As I said in that post, I really liked this fella but he was £99 (although he was reduced from £199!) and I couldn’t justify spending that much money, no matter how magnificent he is… yet here is is!DSCN1644

He was actually a gift from my sneaky Mother! She thinks he’s hideous, but I wouldn’t shut up about him so she suprised me! She said that she went to the store to get him but they had sold the last one but luckily they were able to order one in for us!


Those beady red eyes though! I think that’s why a lot of people don’t like him…
It’s pretty difficult to get a full length picture of him as he’s 155cm tall! He’s made from resin so he’s not too heavy, which is actually a con rather than a pro. He’s tall, skinny and light which means he doesn’t have great balance – we’ve had to use a cable tie to secure him to the curtain pole! He can stand solo, but all it will take is for someone to shut the door a little forcefully or walk to close to him and over he’d go! I couldn’t bear it if one of his ears got snapped off.


He is currently standing in my living room at home, but when I move I’m hoping there will be the perfect spot for him – I want to use the tray to put my keys on when I get home. You’d certainly never lose them!

But we still need to name him! If you have any suggestions for this fancy fellow leave them below!



  1. Strange Made Me says:

    Well, now I have the idea for a horror movie… SlenderRabbit definitely suits him! Although it was lovely of your mum to surprise you 🙂 Still, at least you wont break your back hauling him around when you move! 🙂 x

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