Hello friendlings! I’ve been trying to write this post for a while, but trying to find the words to tell you how crazy I am about this mascara has proven rather difficult.

My holy grail mascara for about 2 years previous was The Falsies by Maybelline and when I say I was in love with it I really was head over heels. I never thought I’d find another formula/brush combo that made my eyelashes look so magical, and then I discovered the Falsifeye HD mascara by Seventeen (retails for about £6.99 in Boots).

I don’t want to come across like a complete loon who is genuinley in love with a beauty product, but I feel it was fate. Yep, fate. It found me. It was written in the damn stars you guys. I’m a Superdrug girl normally, but I was on the hunt for a heavy duty under eye concealer (gotta find something to cover my pesky ‘eye bag’ vein!) and I was struggling to find one I liked in Superdrug so I headed to Boots as a last resort and found one that seemed promising at the Seventeen display. All I wanted was the concealer but they were offering buy one get one half price on all Seventeen cosmetics. I had a quick look but as I was in a rush I just grabbed the mascara because I was attracted to the packaging! I was more than satisfied with Maybelline and had no desire to replace it, but  I thought maybe it could serve as a backup.


The first few times I applied it I was really disappointed – I’d been applying my usual mascara first, and then a few coats of this… it was nothing special and I couldn’t really see a difference so I left it in a draw with all the other rejects and I forgot about it.
Then a couple of months later I saw Wayne Goss’ video on a ‘wonder mascara’ – and it turned out to be this! He made it sound so amazing that I gave it another go but I didn’t layer it with any other mascara, I just curled my lashes and did a few coats of this by itself and it’s absolutely amazing. Honestly, I’d put it up there with Benefits ‘They’re Real’. It’s that good.


And I love the brush! It’s quite hard to photograph but it’s flat on two opposite sides to layer the product on and curl the lashes up, and then as you comb upwards you twist the brush so that the longer bristles on the other two sides comb the mascara through and seperate the lashes – does that make sense?
There’s also really tiny bristles at the top of the brush so you can coat all those annoying tiny lashes in the corners, and it’s quite good at coating the bottom lashes too.

You can obviously get it in black, or you can get it in a black-brown. I’ve only tried the black and it is really black. Sometimes I find with other mascaras I have to go in with a different brand after application to darken my lashes up but you don’t get that with this mascara.

Quick Fire!
Claims: Lash by lash separation, corner to corner volume & length
Delivers?: Absolutely!
Where: Boots
Price: £6.99
Waterproof?: No, but it doesn’t budge all day long!
Worth it?: Definitely – it’s my holy grail mascara. I won’t use anything else
Repurchase?: 100% – I’ve actually already repurchased it three times!

In the description on the Boots website it claims that it does not clump, is long lasting, smudge proof, does not flake, adds volume and length, lifts and curls lashes and adds thickness to lashes – it genuinley does all of that, and it lasts really well too! And as an added bonus it seems like Boots offer ‘buy one get on half price’ on all Seventeen cosmetics all the time so it’s great to stock up! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!




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    Have you seen my review on the Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara?! It’s become a holy grail product – and for good reason!

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