Beautiful Blogger Award

Oh my! I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by the amazing Karen over at Confetti & Curves! You all know her right? If not you should definitely go and give her blog an oggle! This is a pretty good representation of my face when I realised I’d been nomianted…

Let’s go fly a kite get on with it shall we! Here are the rules:

1) Display the Award logo on your blog.
2) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.
3) Nominate 7 other bloggers and say a little something about them.
4) Let them know they have been nominated

My Nominations

I Will Bloom – Helen’s posts just get me somehow. They’re so heartfelt and inspirational! I remember the first post I ever read of hers had me in tears! If I’m honest I don’t know much about her, but from what I do know she’s a very strong person, and a wonderful mother.

Honestly, Libby – I haven’t been following Libby for long, but I struggle to get through one of her posts without having a chuckle – they’re packed with humour! I love that she comes across as naturally funny and it doesn’t read as forced. I’d highly suggest you go and read some of her latest posts.

All Things Britney Lee – I couldn’t not nominate Britney. She’s me in American form and my god can she sew! You should go and chek out the raglan shirts that she recently made – I’d pay good money for them! I’ve met a huge community of amazing, supportive bloggers and Britney is definitely on that list!

Strange Made Me – I get a good giggle from Alice’s posts too – and she just got accepted into all the universities she applied for! You go Glen Coco!

Someday Sunny – I’m 83% certain that Kaily has already been nominated, but she’s going to get another nomination wether she likes it or not. I can’t even think of a post that Kaily has done that I haven’t laughed at – she has a way of writing that just tickles me!

Beck In A Blog – I do enjoy seeing a post from Beck popping up in my feed! She does amazing makeup tutorials with amazing pictures to match!

Life As Lisa Knows It – I don’t know why, but I find Lisa’s posts strangely relaxing! I’ll admit I’m a nosey person and I like reading what her and Bosco have been getting up to!

You don’t have to accept this nomination but if you don’t theres a 99% chance that I will hunt you down and sing the Henry the VIII (when I was younger I thought he was called Henry Vill… no joke) song that Patrick Swayze sings to Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. No pressure though 😉



  1. iwillbloom says:

    Thank you, sweetie xxx So kind of you xxxx I will accept…..but have some family business to deal with at the moment so I’ll post shortly…..thank you so much xxxxx {both for the award and your beautiful words about my blog xxxx}

  2. Karen Rees says:

    lol lol I blooming love that song… this is the first time I’ve ever hoped nominees would decline hahaaaa Thank you sooo much for the adorable mention, you’re far too kind to me *blushing* 😀 XXXX

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