I don’t know about you mangey ol’ lot (bit harsh, my apologies), but I love slapping stuff on my face on a daily basis. I’ve been using the same products solidly for about two weeks now and I’ve really been enjoying them, so I thought I’d better share! Sharing is caring, apparently. 😉

So let’s start with base products shall we? I’ve put myself on a ‘No Buy Ban’ which is encouraging me to use up products that have been pushed aside.DSCN1708

I used to love Look Beauty’s ‘Perk Me Up’ primer but as they seem to have disappeared I stopped using it as I didn’t want to run out… if you saw my Superdrug haul you’ll know that I found another product which does exactly the same thing, so I’ve gone back to my old primer lately.

DSCN1709I feel like I’ve been using Collection’s ‘Lasting Perfection’ concealer for years, so it must be good! I’ve dabbled with various other brands and formulas but I seem to keep finding myself reaching for good ol’ Collection – this is clearly a brand new tube as it still says what it is!
The Revlon ‘Colour Stay’ foundation is the oldest in my collection (would you call four foundations a collection?), so I thought I’d better use it up as I don’t want to waste it. I hadn’t used it for a few months before I picked it up again and I forgot what great coverage it gives! I actually really like this foundation so I may have to repurchase when I’ve used up all my others… I just wish it had a pump!


These are by far my favourite brow products. I don’t use anything else and haven’t done since I bought the Brow Satin, I really love these! You can find out all about them here.


I’ve used Rimmel’s ‘Stay Matte’ powder for about two years and I don’t think I’ll be trying anything else for the forseeable future. I put it on at about 7:30am and I won’t have to touch up until about 8pm! Loves it I do. The ‘Stay Put Powder’ is by Look Beauty and I’ve been using it to set my undereye concealer. I would normally use the Rimmel for under there as well but I’m just trying to use it up!

DSCN1699This blusher also featured in my Superdrug haul, and I still love it. I can’t see myself using a powder blush ever again – but then again I have about four that need to be used! I really love this shade too, so pretty when applied with the Real Techniques ‘Cheek Brush’.

DSCN1701I don’t use a highlighter every day, but when I do I use one of these. If I want a subtle highlight I use the L’Oreal illuminating powder, but if I’m having a day where I think I’m J.Lo I’ll go for Benefit’s ‘High Beam’!

I rarely use a bronzer so there’s no point in me including one here – I can’t find one that’s right for me! I’m so pale even the lightest of bronzers makes me look slightly orange. I can only really use a bronzer when I’m fake tanning, and even then it’s not a perfect match.

This post was originally called ‘Everyday Makeup Products’, but half way through I realised it was already pretty long so I’ll have to put my eye products in a seperate post!

Do you use any of these products on the regular? And can anyone guess which eyeshadow palette is going to feature in my everyday eye makeup..? 😉



  1. Strange Made Me says:

    That Collection concealer hides a multitude of my face’s sins… although it annoys me because I can’t proudly display it on my dresser as the writing rubs off and it starts to annoy me! I also frequently indulge in the Rimmel Stay Matt stuff. I am intrigued by the brow Satin?? Sculpting mascara? Do I need that in my life? Because I swap and change eyebrow things like my undies. 😦 x

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