Oh hai! It feels like ages since I’ve done an eBay post, but really it’s only been a month. I didn’t do one last month as I didn’t see the point in finding things I liked, adding them to my list, getting excited and then my bank balance tells me to pipe the fuck down. Torture I tell you.
Anyway, you can find November’s here and December’s here.

Simplicity 1696 Amazing Fit Trouser Pattern
Let’s start off with what is probably the most boring item – a trouser pattern. I did intend on actually buying this but ended up buying a Burda pattern about two weeks ago instead. I even bought some fabric with the intention of making myself some work trousers… both the pattern and the fabric are sitting on my dresser staring at me. I just don’t understand the pattern/instructions and there’s no one to help me 😦


Printed Polycotton Dress Fabric
So when I bought the trouser pattern I also bought a ‘Learn to Sew’ skirt pattern, as I thought it might be best to start off with something a bit simpler than trousers… it’s sitting right alongside the trouser pattern. So much confusion. I thought I could use it to make a pretty skirt… maybe soon.


Fat Quarter Bundle – 17
I don’t really have a project in mind for this fabric, I just think it’s really cute! I would have bought it by now but I already have a stash that should really be used before I add any more… I think £20 is quite expensive for material, but it’s such an unusual pattern it’d be worth it.


Fat Quarter Bundle – British Birds
THIS IS SO CUTE. Again, I have no clue what I’ll use it for – maybe a nice tablecloth? Not that I have a table to put it on… I already have fabric I want to use for cushions, so that’s not an option either… It’d make a nice apron but I wouldn’t want to wear it incase I stained it…oh I don’t know! I just like it!


Fat Quarter Bundle – Retro Fabric
My new sewing machine doesn’t have a cover (well it does, but it’s not protective at all) and I thought this would be really cute fabric to make one from! I haven’t bought it yet as I’ve got a few projects I want to get done first but a machine cover is definitely on my list!


What’s your favourite item on the list this month? And let me know what you’ve been eyeing up!



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