I’ve got that annoying itch guys… you know the one – the amazingly strong urge to just buy everything you see. But I went and put myself on a no buy ban a few weeks ago and now I’ve seen a ton of things that I absolutley definitely do not need in my life. So instead of buying them and breaking the ban I thought I’d force you lot to lust after them too! Please note that I am not gaining anything from this post; it is not sponsored and links are not affiliate.

WARNING: This post may trigger an uncontrollable shopping spree that you will later have to try and justify to your significant other when they see your bank statement
(try crying)


Weird Antelope Mirror
I’ve never seen a mirror like this before –  it has antelope horns for christ sake. It’s from Graham and Green and will set you back £65… which I guess is kinda pricey as it’s not that big from what I can tell, but it’s so unique I like to think it’s worth it! The more I look at this mirror the more I know I have to have it… maybe I can find a discounted one… I don’t even have room for the bloody thing, but the heart wants what it wants. It’d make an interesting addition to my collection of weird shit!

It’s out of stock at the minute but they say it will be back sometime in March, and you can request an email when it’s back in stock!


Sassy Steampunk Kitty
HOLY SHITBALLS. This is also from Graham and Green and they have a bunch of different animals that are all dressed differently and getting up to various things which are all printed on pages taken from vintage books! But for £20 a print I don’t think I’ll be buying them anytime soon. Aren’t they amazing though?! They’re so unique. I’m sure theres plenty more to be found online that won’t cost as much, and I am going to commit myself to finding some!


Gross Runny Nose Dude
Yep, it’s gross. Which is why it’s brilliant. This is actually an egg seperator – you crack your egg in the top of his head, tip it up and all the egg white pours out his nose…
I just wish I actually had a need for this! The last time I had to seperate an egg was about 4 years ago, so this would just take up space in my kitchen… I still want him though.
You can find this snotty guy at Flamingo Gifts for £6.99.


I Could Eat A Unicorn
What?! This is actually a spaghetti portion measuring device tool-y type thing. So you have a measure for a childs portion, womens, mens and then a special unicorn just incase you’re super hungry… You know the saying I could eat a horse? Now you can eat a magical unicorn portion.
I was super close to buying this, but it doesn’t seem to say what it’s made of on the website – I don’t want it if it’s going to break easily! This is from Joy The Store for £8.

Handcast plaster overmantle mirror

The Fanciest Mirror You’ve Ever Seen
It’s so beautiful I might cry. I think you’d have to have a certain kind of house for something like this though, it would look ridiculous in my place! And the price… £495 from Angel At My Table! What a bargain, I’ll take two… *ahem*
I wonder how many of these they’ve sold. It’s definitely a gorgeous mirror but would anyone in their right mind pay that much for it?! I could go (and have gone) on holiday for half of that!

I could spend hours on homeware sites… well, I just have done. I love finding weird little quirky bits to fill my home with – if you’ve seen Alan and his tall cousin Slendy I’m sure you’ve realised that on your own! As I said at the beginning – I do not gain anything from sharing these bits with you, I just like showing weird things I stumble upon… who doesn’t like weird things?!

What’s your favourite item on the wishlist? I’m torn between the antelope mirror and the animal prints! Since scheduling this post I have actually found, bought, recieved and framed some animal prints similar to the ones above! Keep your eyes peeled for a post on them.



Let me know what you think!

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