That’s right – GET EXCITED!

If you saw last Friday’s blog post (find it here), then you’ll know I was lusting after those strange prints that I saw from Graham & Green. Pretty much as soon as I’d finished writing and had scheduled that post I got straight onto Google and found some lovely ones for less than half the price!

I got them from an Etsy store called Bookworm Salon (which you can find here) who was offering ‘buy two get one free’ so I ended up getting four and my Mum got two!
The lady has a ton of prints so it was pretty hard to pick just a few! I wish a had my own place so I could fill a whole wall with them! They really are beautiful – super fragile though. They came packaged really carefully so they wouldn’t get damaged on their way to me which was I was really pleased about as they were coming all the way from America… you know what our posties can be like at times.

“Vintage upcycled dictionary pages from a large vintage 1950’s dictionary, printed with unique vintage and fun original art. BUY TWO, GET A THIRD ONE FREE ( Sorry offer does not apply to custom portraits). I now have a new printer that prints bright beautiful colors”

DSCN1782LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS! It’s pretty hard to get pictures of them because of my lighting so I’ll get the pictures from the Etsy page – if you click on them it will take you to the exact print.
I’ve got my Etsy settings to show me the prices in GBP and then you obviously have to include shipping so I’m not sure of the overall cost but each print was only £6.05, and then I got the two free ones so it worked out way cheaper than the first ones I saw.

alice bird rab owlcockily

The first ones are mine and the last two are the ones my Mum chose.
I really have no complaints about these prints, they’re stunning! The lady that runs the shop doesn’t even know that I’m writing this post, so I assure you I’m not gaining anything by saying any of this. One little snag was that I had to pay £12.50 on customs which I obviously wasn’t expecting. I was quite shocked so I emailed the seller to find out what had happened and she generously refunded me the cost of one of the prints! It was such a lovely thing to do and I definitely wasn’t expecting her to do so, I was just going to tell her to warn UK customers just incase it happened again!

I would 100% recommend this store if you’re looking for some unique art for your walls! I’m so pleased with them – I really haven’t seen anything quite like these before!



Let me know what you think!

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