Morning friends! Is everyone back at work next week? I hope it’s not just me! I’ve been dreading going back to work after my week off, but I really do need to earn some money to make up for what I spent over my birthday!  I feel I went a bit crazy…

We’ll start the haul off with some of my favourite things – candles! My Mum actually got me the ones below for Easter, but I thought I’d include them anyway. There’s four mini Yankee’s in the scents ‘Midnight Jasmine’, ‘Fresh Cut Roses’, ‘A Childs Wish’ and ‘Sicilian Lemon’ which is the one in the votive jar that came with the little set.


I’m not sure what brand the big candles are from, but she gave the ‘Papaya Mango’ one to me at Easter (I said I didn’t want chocolate this year), and then the ‘Birthday Cake’ one she gave to me on my birthday in place of a real cake! It smells nice in the jar but when I was burning it I couldn’t really smell it which is a shame… It may be that it’s just not as strong as the Village/Yankee ones that my nose is used to, but I have got a bit of blocked nose so I’m hoping I’ll be able to smell it in a few days!

PicMonkey Collage2

This next candle I ordered for myself before I knew that I was getting the ones above… you can expect a candle collection post soon – I now have 10, and that’s not including votives! I have a problem.
Anyway, if you saw my latest eBay watch list (here) then you’ll know that I was lusting over this baby, and I’m pleased to tell you it smells amazing! I had it burning away within about 30 minutes of it being delivered and my room now smells like a bakery! It’s crazy how they get candles to smell exactly like scent they’re meant to be… I just don’t understand. Maybe there’s actual bread and butter in there? I’m not tasting it to find out!


Me and my boyfriend popped over to Chelmsford’s Matalan on the Monday to pick up some summery bits and they had a Home Bargains next door! If you don’t know what Home Bargains is, it’s almost like a step down from B&M Bargains, but a step up from Poundworld. If you don’t know what B&M is either (tut tut) then type B&M into the search bar to the right when you’ve finished reading this post and have a nosey at the various B&M hauls I’ve done – if you’re anything like me you’ll be gagging to get yourself to your closet store ASAP!
Anyway, Home Bargains; I went a few weeks ago and picked up a pack of 5 decorative butterflys that I’ve stuck around my room and they look really sweet so I wanted to grab another set, but I found even cuter ones! And I think they were only about £2.50 – bargain 😉

I’m not going to include the bits I got at Matalan, that’s going to have to be a whole other post! I’ll include the most amazing pair of New Look shorts in there too – they’re the perfect length if you’ve got bigger thighs!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not a fan of reading super long posts. I think this one is quite a nice length as it is at the moment so I’m going to leave it here and break this haul down into several parts! I still want to share with you what I picked up at Primark and I’m really excited to write about Matalan/New Look – not only have I found the best pair of shorts but I’ve found the perfect vest too so look out for that if you have trouble finding decent summer basics!

I’m off to light some of my other ‘bakery’ scented candles to see what I can create! I’ll probably just end up craving lots of bread and cake.



3 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY HAUL 2015 – MISC

  1. Glaiza Binayas says:

    Nice birthday haul! And belated happy birthday to you. 🙂 I made a birthday wish list days ago and I have there scented candles. 😀 I just love it.
    Also, just like you, I don’t like reading long posts too. 😀

    • BambiLeigh says:

      Thank you! I’m worried about my candle obsession haha!
      I don’t know what it is about long posts but I just seem to lose interest – long videos aren’t a problem though!

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