Hi hi! I hope you’re all having a great week so far – we’re having lovely weather in the UK, I’m getting excited for summer! I’m determined to tan my legs this year, I make a pint of milk look bronzed!
So we’re on to part two of my birthday haul (you can view the first part here), and I’m going to show you the bits I picked up in Primark! I could have spent a hefty amount in there, but I had my ‘smart’ head on and walked away from a lot of stuff! Which is a good job really as I still feel I spent way more than I should have last week… oh well.

The first thing I threw in the basket was the hair wrap. I already have two of these in black but my Mum keeps stealing them! I figured if I get a bright colourful one there’s no way she can try and claim that it’s hers – and for £1.30 you can’t go wrong. They really are brilliant, and it has elastic running around the edges so it kind of scoops your hair up so they work with any hair length!
I haven’t been to Primark for quite a while, so I had no idea how big their ‘PS Love’ range has gotten! I got very excited and wanted pretty much everything I saw but like I said, I had my savvy head on and went for some cute nail appliques (£1.00) and a spray that claims to make your nails dry faster (80p).
I’m not going to say that I hate the appliques as I removed it before it had even stuck to my nail properly… but they just sit way too proud from your nail! It would have pinged off within minutes and ruined my polish. The spray however is amazing! At first I thought it was kind of a placebo and I was just being fooled into thinking my nails have dried faster but it really works! The spray also claims to give them a glossy finish, which it does!


The next things I snaffled were two pairs of shoes; I picked up the brown pair (£6.00) because I don’t have any brown shoes to go with a lovely tan bag I have (I like my bag and shoes to match) and the black crochet pair (£5.00) reminded me of being a kid so I had to grab them too! They size up quite small and I had to get the next size up, so bare that in mind if you grab yourself some.

PicMonkey Collage3

I’m never overly impressed with Primark’s ‘Home’ section, but I spotted this amazing pillow that went straight in the basket. It’s huge! And it was only £7.00! It’s quite hard to photograph, so you’re going to have to trust me when I say it’s lovely. It also has cute little ties on the back so you can take it off and wash it – I really want another one, but I can’t justify going all the way to Chelmsford just for a pillow… can I?


The last bits I bought were these little hair accessories – I think they’re called bun garlands? (both £2.00) I spotted these just as I was about to jump in the queue and I thought they’d be great to jazz up my boring ‘work hair’ in summer! I really love the blue and pink one!


I was determined that I wasn’t going to buy any clothing from Primark, but then I spied these amazing Lion King pyjama leggings (£8.00)! They’re the comfiest thing I’ve put on my butt for a long time. There was a matching top available but I thought that was going too far – I’d already bought some little Lion King earrings ready for my trip to the theatre last Friday!


Have you ever seen such a restrained Primark haul?! I think I did so well not to buy pretty much everything I saw – I could have easily walked out of there with about 10 makeup bags. They had a lot of nifty stuff! I picked up a little pack of cute mismatch bracelets(£2.00) and some antibacterial wipes (60p) too, but I forgot to photograph them and I’m far too lazy to do it now! 😉

I’m about to write up the last part of my birthday haul and I’m SUPER excited for you guys to see what I bought so keep an eye out!



6 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY HAUL 2015 – PRIMARK

  1. Strange Made Me says:

    I feel like I need to congratulate you on your Primark restraint hahaha! Well done! 😛 I never have the patience to find such gems in there, I’m usually in and out as fast as I can, as the crowds in Primark can get crazy! I used to make little nail appliques like that out of polymer clay, and they were a swearword to get to stay on. But I will keep an eye out for the quick drying spray! And those pyjama leggings look fabulous! 😀 Happy Belated Birthday too! 🙂 xxx

    • BambiLeigh says:

      Hahah thank you! I’m ready for my medal now 😉 I agree Primark can be a right pain, but we really weren’t in there for long! I think you should have a quickish look around and if nothing stands out then it clearly wasn’t meant to be!
      If you do go in you should get these leggings, I want to live in them. No joke x

  2. Karen Rees says:

    Awesome haul – that pillow is flippin gorgeous!!!!!! I know where I’ll be stopping by next pay day… gotta have it!!! lol huge congrats on winning Kailys give-away too… you must be so chuffed 🙂 Very well deserved, seems like your house will be coming down with goodies hehe XXX

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