Happy June, friends! I hope you all had a spiffing month last month. We got our first real glimpse of summer in the UK, but it only lasted a week or so. Is it starting to heat up where you are? Our weather always seems to be so indecisive, it’s a bit frustrating! But I’ll just get on with my favourites before we end up with a whole post talking about weather… I’m British so I can talk about it for hours – it’s a national talent.


Let’s kick off with beauty products because I for one love seeing what other people have been into! I’ve been putting on a light layer of the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion in the mornings and I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin. I add a few small dabs on the usual problem areas (such as my chin), massage it in and then continue with my routine and after a week my blemishes/volcanoes had almost disappeared completley. It smells good too!
If you’ve been here for a little while you’ll know my holy grail eye goop is Seventeen’s Falsifeye HD Mascara. Whilst I still love that bad boy, I decided to see what all the hype was about and picked up a tube of Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara and OH MY HOLY CATS MOTHER; it’s good. I like. Lashes on fleek. I’m not even sure what fleek really means, but fleeked my eyelashes have been!
The last beauty product I’ve been diggin’ is Makeup Revolution’s ‘Fix & Focus’ Eye Primer. I’ve never really bought into eye primers before and kind of picked this up a while ago on a whim but now I can’t imagine my life without it. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic but it’s really good – granted I have nothing to compare it too but it seems to make my eyeshadow last longer without creasing and it really brightens my lids. And I think it was only £1… What’s not to like?!

This my friends is an Aloe Vera plant. And not just any Aloe Vera – my Aloe Vera. My living Aloe Vera. I’ve had it for over two weeks now and I haven’t drowned it, dehydrated it or overheated it. Major achievement – I’m ready for my adult badge now. (Side Note: My Mum actually watered it when she was round because she said it was too dry… but it’s in my apartment so I’m taking credit.)


I’m also in love with my Nan’s dressing table – even though it is hard to photograph. When we cleared her maisonette I kept quite a lot of her furniture, and this is definitely my favourite piece. It’s quite difficult to do your makeup in front of as I like to be closer to the mirror but it’s fine for doing your hair. You’d be suprised how much makeup and other bits of clutter you can fit in it too!

My last favourite this month is this little ‘accidental area’ in my hallway. This is actually the top of a bookcase, but I say accidental because it was never meant to go there and I was planning on moving is ASAP but I think it looks good where it is and the bits on the top are pretty cute!

Okay I lied; THIS is my last favourite. This is Tarte’s ‘Tartlette’ Palette which I won in Kaily’s giveaway about a month ago and I have been using it every day since! I rotate each row throughout the week and I have to admit I love every combination! I’ve even stepped away from my beloved winged eyeliner and have been using the darkest shades as a little definition at the lash line instead. Love love love.

Please feel free to leave me in a link in the comments to your favourites post so I can check out what you’ve been liking this month too!



3 thoughts on “MAY FAVOURITES

  1. Kaily says:

    Wooooohoo! So glad you’ve been getting some good use out of that palette 🙂 Your nana’s dressing table is so awesome! I wish, wish, wish, wish that I could go back in time and have kept more of my grandmothers furniture when she passed away. It’s one of my biggest regrets so I’m very glad you have the opportunity to surround yourself by things that remind you of her 🙂

    • KaylaLeigh says:

      It’s brilliant! Thank you again for being so generous 🙂
      I’ve got quite a bit of her furniture in my place but the dressing table is definitely my favourite! Grandparents always had the best stuff haha

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