Hola amigos! I hope you’re all having a good week so far; there’s been some brilliant posts in my reader over the past few days so you must all be on top form! I’ve spent countless hours lately trying to find a new blog theme but I can’t find one I like! I think I’ve probably previewed the majority of them but none seem right, so we have to stick with the ever popular Sela for now *sigh*.

Anyway, I was cleaning my makeup brushes t’other day and realised that even though I seem to have built up quite the collection I only reach for the eight I’m going to talk about below on a regular basis! So of course it’s only right that I come and share my favourites with you!

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

I love me some Real Techniques. I’m a bit odd when it comes to makeup brushes and only like to use them for what they are actually meant to do; so this one I clearly use for base shadow. I apply a nice sweep of neutral eyeshadow all over the lid and up to just above the crease. Lately I’ve been reaching for either Super Mom or Free Spirit from the Tartelette palette. I really like the handles on the Nic’s Picks brushes too!

Real Techniques Angled Shadow Brush

This one I save exclusively for applying neutral/transition shades to my crease – I really don’t like to use a brush for multiple purposes. I’m not sure if it’s actually meant for the crease but it fits in that area really well!

Unbranded Dense Shadow Brush

Even though I own more expensive brushes, I am definitely not a brush snob. This brush came in a set of five similar eye brushes and cost me £1.46 for the set. And in all honesty; this one is just as soft on the lid as the Real Techniques brushes! I haven’t washed it yet so I can’t tell you how durable it is, but I’ve used it 10+ times so far and there has been no shedding. I use this one to blend a neutral shadow just above the crease so everything’s as seamless as possible.

Unbranded Spoolee

This one came in another unbranded set that I found on eBay about a year ago and it’s still going strong! I’d highly recommend having a look at the brushes available on eBay – I’ve haven’t been disappointed with the quality of any set so far. Even on makeup free days I still give my brows a little comb through with this as they’re such different shapes so they always need a little attention. The only thing with this brush is that it’s quite hard to clean, but I assume that’s the case with any spoolee.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

This brush has completely transformed the way my makeup looks – for the better of course! I always used to use a beauty blender for applying and blending foundation, and whilst that worked fine I was curious about the stippling brush. I’d also never tried Real Techniques at that point so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and I haven’t looked back since! It’s great for building coverage so you’re pretty much guaranteed a flawless base every time you do your makeup. It was around the £12 mark which I think is steep for a cosmetic tool but it really was worth it!

Real Techniques Cheek Brush

I love this brush for getting the perfect cat eye. 😉 I really like the way this brush kind of ‘fits’ on my cheek and it applies blush really well – especially cream ones. Plus it’s got the pretty Nic’s Picks handle!

Unbranded Powder Brush

This brush actually came in the same set as the spoolee and I love it! I’m so impressed with this brush – it’s really soft, washes well and I haven’t had any shedding with it which is amazing considering the whole set cost no more that £7! Wait, here’s a link.

Unbranded Contour Brush

This is another eBay find! I don’t use this one every day but I had to include it simply because it’s ridiculously soft. It’s softness is on par with Real Techniques. It’s that soft. Yano what, here’s another link.

If you’ve been here for a while you will know that I have to be super impressed by something to leave a link to it, and I’ve left links to three different products so that tells you something! You’ll be amazed at the quality.

Leave me a comment and let me know your all time favourite brush!




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