Alright chums. Raise your hand if you also hate Mondays… I’m actually writing this post up on Friday, but I’m already dreading Monday. I bet it’s raining too.
I like my job but lately I’ve been thinking of completely different jobs/careers that I’d have loved to have been a part of if things had of worked out differently.


Special Effects Makeup Artist

You can’t deny that this would be awesome. Imagine the kind of sets you’d get to work on and all the different looks and effects you’d have to create on a daily basis. Being a normal ‘beauty’ makeup artist would be fun too but if you go down the SFX route I think you’d have the best of both worlds. If I could go back a few years I’d definitely give this a go! I like playing around with SFX every now and then but I don’t really get time to do it… I have a week off work coming up soon so I’m definitely going to try and dedicate a couple of days to having a play!


Erm… yes please! This is another career I’d definitely go for if I had the chance to go back to high school. I’m sure I could still give it a go now but I think with careers as complex as architecture with all of it’s qualifications and training, as well as all the time and effort that has to be put in to actually becoming successful it’s best to start young. I know I’m only 22 but there’s no way I’d try and get started now… I’ll just stick to buliding gorgeous houses on Sims. 😉

Flight Attendant

I was actually pretty close to doing this as a career! Some of the girls I went to college with are now fully fledged flight attendants and it looks as if they’re having a great time and it really does look amazing – the problem is I’m such a home body I know there’s no way I’d cope with all the travel and being away from home. Just think of all the places you’d go and the things you’d see!

Pop Star

Yeah that’s right – I went there! If you say you don’t sing along to the radio in the car and totally pretend you’re a super successful artist then you’re a liar and you should leave. In my head, I’m Simon Cowell’s greatest discovery and I’m going to be one of the world’s most loved stars. I just wish I could sing…

An Animal Person

I can’t for the life of me remember the job title that I actually mean. Something simular to a wildlife conservationist, but more do to with actually helping/protecting animals and less to do with managing they’re environments. Of course I understand that ensuring habitats are protected is part of the package but I’d like to be more hands on with animals rather than spending all day in a lab testing soil and water levels.


…But never mind. Leave me a comment and let me know something that you’d love to do for a living – no matter how mad it may seem! I basically want to be the female David Attenborough, so don’t judge me and I won’t judge you 😉



3 thoughts on “TOP 5 DREAM CAREERS

  1. Karen Rees says:

    Brill choices!!!!! Okay, mines a little weird (no surprise there right?! *rolls eyes*) however I’ve alwaaaaays wanted to be an embalmer…. I know a tad grim right?! I just think it would be such an interesting job!!! Not for everyone of course lol Xo

    • KaylaLeigh says:

      Haha I was about to reply and say that it would be awesome, but I have to admit that’s a tad odd! I always imagined jobs like that being the kind of thing you sort of fall into rather than aim for, but we all know you’re an odd cookie 😉 x

      • Karen Rees says:

        lol lol cheeky imp!!! Hey, I like being weird – it separates me from the norm! 😀 I totally get what you mean, tis a strange one but I just haven’t shook the obsession of wanting to do it – very bizarre! Maybe I’m destined to open my own funeral home one day lol xxx

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