Sup buddies! Does anyone else struggle when trying to write an intro to their posts? I can ramble about nothing for ages but when it comes to actually having to write something with a point I go blank. I’m usually so excited to write about whatever it is I’m going to be talking about that I just want to dive straight in and forget about all the spiel!

See, now I’ve been rambling about rambling for a whole paragraph; so I’ll just say I’ve been so into this mascara recently that I haven’t even glanced at my Seventeen HD Mascara and we’ll get on with things!


First impressions

Packaging is so important when it comes to beauty products – don’t pretend you haven’t been swayed by a pretty bottle! I picked this up because I’d heard Kathleen Lights on the ol’ YouTube machine talk about it so I thought I’d give it a go… no shame.
The two good points about it is that the writing on the tube doesn’t rub off like Collection’s concealer does and the lid seems to be screwing back on nicely, but other than that it just looks like typical Maybelline packaging! Nothing special, nothing eyecatching… but I guess it’s what’s inside that counts right? 😉



I’ve been sitting thinking of a way to describe the formula, and the best I can come up with is; it isn’t too wet, but it’s also not too dry. Why do I blog?! It dries quite quickly so you can get on with things without worrying about smudging and transfer. I’d say you could sneeze within 10 minutes of applying Lash Sensational and you’d have no trouble!
But because it does dry quickly you’ve gotta be a bit sharp when applying it if you’re going for more than one coat or it will clump – I’ve also found it clumps like a bitch if you try and go for more than three coats, but that’d be a bit excessive with this anyway.

The Wand

I reaaaaaally like the wand. I think it’s pretty simular to Seventeen’s HD wand, except Lash Sensational’s is curved like the Falsies wand was. Know what I mean? Maybelline are marketing it as a ‘Layer-Reveal’ brush that has six different lengths of bristles designed to capture all those tiny lashes that big brushes like ‘Collosal’ miss… so basically the same as Seventeen.



Obviously it’s black, we can all see that. But as the ‘shade’ name implies; it’s very black. It makes Seventeen’s mascara and the Falsies look a little bleak in comparison. The pigmentation of this reminds me of Maybelline’s Collosal ‘Leather Black’ formula, which was the only good thing about that particular mascara!

Quick Fire!

Claims: A layered, multiplied effect; volumises & defines the look of longer lashes
Delivers?: They certainly look longer!
Where: Superdrug/Boots/Online Stores
Price: £7.99
Waterproof?: No but I haven’t noticed any transfer on top or bottom
Worth it?: I’ve been using it everyday so I’d have to say yes!
Repurchase?: Most likely!

I know the fact that it’s not waterproof will be a deal breaker for some, but I’m pretty sure there is a waterproof formula available if that’s what floats your boat (there’s almost a pun there). I’d definitely recommend picking this up if you’re in the market for a new mascara – I think Maybelline can be a bit ‘hit or miss’ but this is certainly a hit and will be staying in my makeup bag for the forseeable future! …Well, until something else catches my eye that is 😉




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  2. Karen Rees says:

    Totally with you on the intro thing… bizarrely enough I’m ridiculously chatty in real life but those first few sentences always seem like I’m babbling! lol Great review – gotta give this one a go, though I think I’m going to try the L’Oreal telescopic next then onto this one! Curiousity getting the better of me after reading alot of great reviews about it! Have a super weekend 🙂 Karen x

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