Morning chums! Or evening depending on where you are; it’s late morning here in the UK 🙂 I haven’t done a tag for a little while (read the Procrastinating BBlogger Tag here), so I thought I’d give this one a go! I searched ‘Fun Tag’ on the interweb and this came up; so that’s what we’re doing!

1) When is your birthday?
April 7th – I actually like my birth date as it usually fell during the Easter holidays at school!

2) What are 3 of your favorite colors?
I’d say black and white but they’re shades, so we’ll go with mint green, turquoise and pastel pink

3) What are your 3 favorites quotes?
I feel like everyone except me pays a lot of attention to quotes?! I wouldn’t say these are my favourite as I haven’t given it much thought, but these are the ones that came to me first;

“People that matter don’t mind, and people that mind don’t matter” – Unknown
“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong” –
Joseph Thilkon Pealve
“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once”
– Name that book!

4) Are you addicted to YouTube?
Not addicted, but I think I have a touch of ‘fear of missing out’. I find it quite difficult to keep up with the Saccone Joleys!

5) What are 3 of your favorite shows on TV or YouTube or both?
American Horror Story, Orange Is The New Black and Orphan Black. I highly recommend all of these.

6) What are 3 qualities you like in a best friend?
Lol I don’t have friends – see my about page. But qualities that I think are important is honesty/transparency, loyalty and humour!

7) Do you like your name? 
I didn’t used to because I didn’t know anyone else with my name, but now I don’t mind it.

8) If you have the choice to pick your own name, what will it be?
Nighthawk. Or Hazel.

9) What is your fantasy dream?
I own my own company which is super successful and I’m stupidly rich – so the same as half of the people reading this! 😉

10) Do you wear makeup?
I do, but not every day. And if I am wearing some I’ll usually take it off at about 5pm!

11) If you could write a book, what would the title be and what would it be about?
I don’t know what the title would be but for ages I’ve wanted to write a book about a zombie apocalypse but the characters wouldn’t be like “OMG what the hell what are these things OMG”, they’d know what was happening and be aware of the idea of zombies because of all stories and programmes that are about now. There’d be a pretty cool chapter where they have to work out what kind of zombies they’re dealing with! Are they like The Walking Dead, or I Am Legend, or something completely different?!

12) What makes you cry?
Hollyoaks, books, American Horror Story, the wind…

13) What makes you angry?
Pretty much anything can send me into a strop! I found out Thursday night that being sent grocery substitutions because Tesco didn’t have what I wanted makes me really mad too… like, I was having a fit.

14) What makes you happy?

15) What is “Fangirling?”

16) What are your 3 favorites snacks?
Chocolate, pringles and more junk food

17) What are your 3 favorite foods?
Pasta, pizza and more carbs

18) What are your 3 favorite drinks?
Tesco’s ‘cherries and berries’ cordial, Monster Zero and coffee

19) Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a female… I’m 22… I like cats.

20) What are your 3 fun things to do?
Blogging, sewing and shopping! How very typical of me.

Please feel free to give this tag a go if it tickles your fancy and make sure to leave me a link to your post in the comments so I can check out your answers!



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