Hi chums. I’m sure the main reason you’re reading this (besides being a loyal blog buddy) is because you’re like me; nosey. I personally love reading posts where the writer shares something that they wouldn’t normally talk about on their blog, and in this case that’s jewellery.
The lovely folks over at Invaluable recently suggested that I shared some of my ‘most prized’ pieces of jewellery with you guys – why hadn’t I thought of that?! This was such a great post idea so I thought I’d go for it, and my initial plan was to give them a shoutout because they were the ones that gave me the inspiration… and then I checked out their site and had to get my partner to hide my purse. I’d definitely recommend having a look if you’re on the hunt for something special. I spent so long swooning over their auction jewellery and furniture that my coffee went cold!


I have a lot of jewellery that I really love and may share in a future post, but this time I’m going to be sharing the pieces that mean the most to me – funnily enough they all used to belong to my Nan!


The first piece is her gold cross that I’ve worn almost every day since she died a year ago! I’m not religious so some may say that I don’t have the right to wear it, but people wear religious symbols for all sorts of personal reasons and this is like my little lucky charm. Since I’ve been wearing it I landed a brilliant job which I still love a year on and I moved into my own flat – you could say it’s not really luck but that’s definitely what I’m calling it!


The next piece I love is this gorgeous silver bracelet that Nan gave to my on my 18th birthday. This was actually given to Nan on her 21st birthday, and she had all the silver cleaned and passed it down to me! How precious is that?! Hopefully I’ll be able to give it to my Grandaughter on her 21st. I never wear it though – look how delicate it is! The last time I wore it was at her funeral, but before that I hadn’t worn it since a few days after my 18th; I went to get my rib tattoo and I ended up laying on it and bending a load of the pieces. I obviously got it repaired but now I know how delicate it is I’m keeping it for special occasions!

PicMonkey Collage

I could easily sit here all day and tell you little facts and stories about several pieces in my collection but trying to get clear and detailed photos is a nightmare! The last thing I’ll share is this little watch that Nan was given when she started doing home care – which is what I’m doing now! I never wear this either because I’m scared of losing it or breaking it. You can tell by the yellowing that it’s quite old, so that means it’s probably pretty fragile too… knowing my luck I’d forget it was pinned to my tunic and throw it in the wash!


I’d like to point out that this post is not sponsored and I am not receiving anything by mentioning Invaluable – I’m just super impressed with the variety and quality of the items being auctioned! I’ve just discovered their pocket watch section so I’m off to find my purse now…




  1. Kaily says:

    I especially love that watch! I don’t know why it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland… maybe cause I associate your love for rabbit figures and the rabbit always has a watch in A in W lol.

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