Bloody hell it’s hot. I’d give you a virtual wave but I’m afraid even that may make me hotter. I don’t mean to complain about the heat but when you’re trying to work and go about your daily business when the air is so thick and heavy that it makes everything a chore, you can’t help but have a little grumble. If there’s anything I can do or use to make these coming months easier or more comfortable you better believe I will – and so I bring you my summer/uk mugginess essentials!



Bastiste Dry Shampoo

Raise you’re hand if you’ve got a head of thick, long, heavy hair… I feel you. Is you’re scalp overheating too? Batiste is my BBF in summer as my hair get’s greasier a lot quicker than it does in winter, and dry shampoo helps me go longer between washes. It’s not the actual washing of my hair that I despise; it’s the blow drying. If anything emits heat you better keep it away from me.

Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder

Highlighted, sunkissed glow is cute. Shiny is not cute. I’d have the shiniest forehead in the country if it wasn’t for this powder. I wish they did this powder in a little compact that came with a sponge or something so you didn’t have to take a brush, but that’s a small price to pay for the sake of a beautifully matte forehead.

Garnier Invisidry Deodrant

If deodrant isn’t in you’re summer essentials I think you’ve just found the reason for having no friends. I really like this Garnier roll on, although I know a lot of people prefer spray. In all honesty it doesn’t matter what anti perspirant you use – just use something.

Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel

This has come in so handy over the past week! I picked this up from the Body Shop as it seemed like a novel idea, but I didn’t realise how truly brilliant it was. I’m in and out of the car a lot but I can’t leave the windows open so it’s get’s super hot in there – seriously it’s like a furnace – and this has been great to rub over my arms and legs to give me a quick cool down!

Flower By Kenzo

Everyone has needs a summer scent, and this is definitely mine. “A subtle luminous floral, with a vibrant Mandarin note. Rose and Violet blend with the powdery Vanilla and White Musks accord to give a soft and sensual signature.” Yum!

Floral Headbands & Bun Garlands

Ain’t nobody got time to be spending hours on some fancy ‘do. And even if you did have the time; why the hell would you?! I get really hot when I’m trying to sort my hair out so 9 times out of 10 it ends up in a messy bun or a pony tail – super boring. Headbands and garlands just help to make it look as if I’ve tried to make an effort! No one need know 😉


Leave me a comment and let me know what you’re number one summer essential is and also let me know how hot it is where you are; I’m sure it’ll make the UK’s 21c look as if we’re in the middle of winter, but for us this is hot! I’m off to find someone to fan me with palm leaves.



6 thoughts on “SUMMER ESSENTIALS

  1. Yazzi (thePrettyPom) says:

    I’ve never heard of a leg gel, but that sounds amazing right now!! It’s been about 100 degrees F here with really high humidity (like 80% without raining). I think that’s… 37 C…? I don’t know. haha! Either way, so incredibly hot so my hair has been in ponytails and buns as well!

    • KaylaLeigh says:

      I’d never heard of it until I first saw it but it’s great! Wooooah that’s way too hot! It’s meant to reach 35 here tomorrow and I’m dreading it!!

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