Hi friends. I’ll warn you right from the start: serious topics will be covered in today’s post. This is very difficult for me to talk about but I know it needs addressing… I just can’t carry on this way.

It all started with a novelty cactus; some of you may remember Kevin. But poor ol’ Kev looked lonely so I bought him a friend… and then another… and another. At this point I was running out of space to keep them and I truly believed I could curb my cacti obsession… and then I moved to a two bed apartment and things got out of hand. Suddenly cacti weren’t enough and I craved succulents, aloe vera and even *gulp*… a dragon plant.

Okay, so maybe I got a bit dramatic back there but I really have got a lot of plants in my house! Ready for the evidence?


How freaking cute is the bowl they’re in though?!


Too adorable to walk away from…


Really this one’s okay since it’s in a recycled candle jar and this poor little house fern had no home otherwise…


I’m trying to save space by repotting my novelty cacti… so they’re allowed too right?! And who doesn’t love a cactus with a moustache?!


In my defence, the hall was looking slightly dull without a whopping dragon plant…


I don’t have a garden, so a terranium is my way of making up for it…


Why wouldn’t you want plants in a shell in your bathroom?!


As well as all of those, I’ve forgotten to take photos of another novelty cactus, a medium sized planter containing succulents, a medium sized spider plant and another medium sized succulent… and I also have two vases of fake flowers, a fake floral garland and one vase of real flowers… Oh and I have a venus fly trap on the way… I need help.



5 thoughts on “TLC: MY PLANT ADDICTION

  1. Emma Parsons says:

    I can’t wait to move back to my flat at university because I have such plans to fill it with plants! This post has just inspired me even more, I love cacti and succulents in particular.

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