‘Ello poppet. It feels like ages since my last OOTD post (you can see my date night post here) but in reality it’s only been three weeks… So considering I have one day off a week and only wear pyjama bottoms and a baggy baseball tee at home it’s a wonder I have any outfits to post at all!

Last week I found myself perusing Pinterest (which is already a dangerous past time in itself) but then I somehow transitioned from washi tape crafts to the extensive organisational categories… You can imagine the horror or realising how truly unorganised my kitchen cupboards are and the mad dash to the Range that then ensued.

This outfit was a real favourite of mine last autumn so I thought I’d throw it on to try and encourage all this muggy summer type weather to do one! It didn’t work, but at least I tried.

Skater/Swing Dress – New Look (last year)
Baggy Batwing Cardigan – Primark (5 years ago)
Crochet Shoes – Primark (this season)
Perfume – Katy Perry Killer Queen
Necklace – Stolen from Mum!

This may be TMI – but I really needed to shave my legs but was feeling lazy so I put some tights on instead! 😉 I didn’t take a bag as the cardigans pockets are quite large and I only needed my phone, card and keys.

I kept my makeup super simple as I was only going shopping, but I used theBalm’s bronzer in Balm Desert from my BirchBox on the high points of my face and in my crease as eyeshadow and I really liked it! I’m also really enjoying using the Body Shop concealer pencil, but only under the eyes as it’s a bit thick for places like around the mouth – it creases easily but if you use a generous amount of powder to set it you should be good.


And for those organisational freaks out there – yes, my cupboards are now gloriously organised. I even bought a free standing pantry type contraption to free up a bit of space in the cupboard and make use of otherwise dead space. It all looks lovely! I think I should probably ban myself from Pinterest for a good month or so though… my bank balance can’t take much more! 😉




4 thoughts on “OOTD: SHOPPING TRIP

  1. Strange Made Me says:

    I love the Katy Perry Killer Queen so much I’ve considered bathing in it. Perhaps a PJOTD (PJs of the day?) post is a new trend you should start! I’d certainly be able to relate to that haha… I’m totally feeling the CBA feels towards food cupboards right now too!!!

    Tights are alright for the leg shaving scenario, until you can see the hair through the tights… but I never let mine get that bad, honest! :’D

  2. Karen Rees says:

    Gorgeous outfit, loling at the unshaven leg scenario – tights are such a blessing right 😉 Awesome job on the kitchen cupboards… wish someone would come do mine *sob* Total CBA syndrome setting in this week, need to get my organising mojo back lol Fab post as per chum, Karen xo

    • KaylaLeigh says:

      Haha who has time to shave their legs on a regular basis?!
      SO happy with the cupboards but I really could do with an extra one.
      I suggest you make a huge cup of coffee, whack the music up and do those cupboards pronto! x

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