Oh hi! Welcome to my little slither of the internet – I’m very pleased to have you here! Pull up a virtual chair and I’ll tell you a bit about why I’m here (besides birth)… that’s why you’ve come to the ‘About’ page… right?

When I first started blogging it was because I had a major lack of self confidence. When I first turned 18 I used to go out drinking all the time with my friends, but after about a year I started to get really anxious and ended up having to stay home. I’m a 5ft 10″ and I’m way taller than all my friends, so I always felt like a giant and that I stood out too much when I wore heels, but if I went in flats I always thought my legs looked way too big – pictures the morning after were always dreaded and untagged. Ranging from a size 14-18 it didn’t help that all my friends were a size 12 or less either.

I thought that by starting a blog I would find a whole new community and hopefully start to regain some of that lost confidence – and it’s working! The problem I have now is that I stopped going out drinking altogether as I hated the atmosphere and I really didn’t enjoy the ‘had a drink’ feeling anymore… and so I lost all my friends. They didn’t understand why I stopped going and I didn’t know how to make them understand.

Now I blog so I have a space to tell people about that mascara I’ve been loving or why I don’t like that muffin recipe – and the great thing is that the majority of people on here actually care that I think that recipe is a pile of shit! I may not have any real friends anymore, but at least I’ve got a way to comunicate with people that think like I do, and I like it that way!


My blog mainly consists of makeup and fashion posts, tried and tested recipes, craft ideas and projects and the general ramblings of my quirky little head! I love the feedback I get from you guys, and it makes me feel great when I see that people have actually been reading what I’m posting on here, I never thought I’d have this many followers or views – I’m thankful to each of you!

So, thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet, I hope you find things on here that interest you and I hope to see you again real soon! xo


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Daisy says:

    Aww, I’m so sorry to hear about what happened with your old friends. It sucks when things like that happen, however I believe that you are 100% better off without them! Anybody who can’t see the amazingness of you is clearly not worth your time 😛 Also, you have an absolutely gorgeous name! It sounds like the name of a famous supermodel or something… very cool 😛 It’s lovely to meet you Bambi, my name’s Daisy 🙂

  2. lululovelash says:

    I’m in a similar situation since getting diagnosed with a joint problem, you’d be surprised at how many ‘friends’ get mad when I say I can’t go ice skating or out dancing & drinking all night long blah, blah… Don’t take it personally people DO just grow apart with age, the ones that don’t stick around because of anxiety or illnesses aren’t worth any tears anyway, who needs enemies with friends like that?!! 😉 look forward to seeing your future posts! All the best xox

    • KaylaLeigh says:

      You would think they’d be even more understanding seeing as how you were actually diagnosed with something. Some people really do suck don’t they haha!
      Thank you for your comment 🙂 xx

  3. Kaily says:

    You’re old friends are stupid 😉 JK, sometimes life happens and we go in different directions. I totally understand feeling like the odd man out and wanting to build confidence. I for sure have changed a lot since I started blogging and feel I’m much more myself even around strangers than I ever used to be and I hope you feel the same 🙂 You are beautiful, unique, smart, super funny and just awesome regardless 🙂

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