The mini Minion of happiness

I’m so happy I’ve finally done this. Even though I still haven’t seen Despicable Me 2, the adverts have bought Minions to the forefront of my mind lately (and by that I don’t mean they’re all I think about, but they’re rattling round) so I drove 10 miles (according to distance calculator) just to get the right coloured felt so I could create my own mini Minion!

I couldn’t find a pattern on the internet for some bizarre reason, so I had to draw up my own. If you look closely at the hand on the far right side you’ll see that it looks a bit mutated… at least now I can’t get done for copyright, right?


It was surprisingly easy to cut out the body, dungarees, eye and little glasses-y bit.


I’m really not liking his mouth though, it looks a little out of place… don’t ya think? I thought the dungarees were gonna be super fiddly, but it was actually the boots that turned out to be the nightmare. I just couldn’t get the shape right! Since I didn’t have a tutorial and I had to just wing it, I ended up sewing part of the boot in place out of a bit of felt and then having to cut it to size from there… Β And I had to sew on the glasses strap after I’d stuffed him, but that wasn’t really a problem. He turned out pretty sweet though! My own mini Minion! I think I’ll end up removing his mouth…



9 thoughts on “The mini Minion of happiness

  1. iwillbloom says:

    It’s so cool!!! My son is a big Minion/Gru fan…I think I’m going to make him a t-shirt with one on it….[am so glad Britney made us bump in to each other! Am very tired now but will explore your blog some more tomorrow]…..

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